Haunted Western New York-Devil’s Elbow, Binghamton

Going slightly farther south than we normally do for this column, we’re taking a side trip into Binghamton this week.

The curve known as Devil’s Elbow (or Devils Elbow) has its own classic phantom hitchhiker. In the case of the Devil’s Elbow ghost, the legend appears to be set in the 1930s. According to local legend the curve was the site of multiple fatal crashes. During a rainstorm a salesman was driving the curve and spotted a woman in white walking along the side of the road. She didn’t appear to be hitchhiking but he pulled over anyway.

The woman accepted his offer of a ride, and they made small talk. He loaned her his jacket, and she gave him the address of a house just off of Highway 17. However, when he pulled into the driveway the woman was nowhere to be seen. His jacket was missing as well.

Puzzled, he knocked on the door of the house and an older woman answered the door. The salesman told her what had happened and she nodded.

“Yes,” she said, “This happens this time every year. My daughter was killed on Devil’s Elbow in October several years ago. She walks that curve every fall now looking for a ride home.”

One comment

  1. ooh, I didn’t know Binghamton had its own phantom hitchhiker! I’m only about an hour from there. Of course, I would probably die if something like that happened to me.

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