G is for Ghosts

Originally published in June 2012, I think that this entry deserves re-posting as part of Ghost Month.

I’m going all over the place with this list, aren’t I?

Do I believe in ghosts?

That’s an odd one. I definitely have a belief in the afterlife, born out of the odd synergy that has been my spiritual path. I have had some definitely…odd experiences that have shown me that I probably -should- believe in the presence of people who haven’t passed on completely or who at the very least enjoy moving back and forth through the veil.

On the other hand, I’m actually not certain that if one were to provide solid, replicated, peer reviewed proof that it was chemical A misfiring or a trick of the light or some such thing, I wouldn’t be against going oh, okay. and moving on with life. That’s the thing, I may be a very spiritual sociologist, but I’m still a sociologist.

Yet again, though,  a lot of what presented as evidence against the existence of ghosts doesn’t strike me as very solid either. I haven’t seen a lot that has been replicated- a lot of the ‘evidence’ tossed around seems to be of the well, we also haven’t proven it variety. People seem to take the stance that since we have no solid evidence for it, that that’s enough evidence against it. I know full well that EMF messes with your head, spirit photography is a hoax, orbs are dust mites, and mediums don’t disgorge cheesecloth.  But how do you explain things like children passing on information through dreams that they couldn’t possibly know because the last time it was said out loud was 20 years before that child was conceived?

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a lot that I don’t believe. There’s a lot that I have a hard time swallowing even on my own path. But I’m also on the fence about a lot of stuff, at least until someone can hand me a full thesis worth of journal articles proving it false- and even then the sociologist in me wants to know what role it’s playing in people’s lives and the worth they’re getting out of it. I’m not currently ruling anything out- except orbs. I’m drawing the line at orbs.


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