Sunday Legends-The Buckley Family Halloween Photo


So I know that everyone likes a good story.

Especially a good ghost type story, and whether or not people want to admit to it they’re attracted to the grisly and less than polite. This urban legend-slash-internet-rumor is where those two topics collide.

The picture in question is a rather graphic photo of two children standing in their front yard with the corpse of their decapitated mother. The photo shows them all in period garb, with the daughter holding the ax that the viewer assumes was the murder weapon and the son holding his mother’s head.

It’s all pretty terrible, right? The story goes that Susan and John were part of a neighborhood prank where all the children were going to pose with a headless dummy. While everyone else took the heads off of dolls, the children decided that this would be the perfect time to off their mother. The children were long gone by the time that the police were contacted and this one photo is the only proof that it happened.

Except that it never happened at all. Like certain faeries this was an art project that took on a life of its own. Artist Edward Allen manipulated a preexisting portrait into the murder scene in order to create another piece of Halloween art. Like all good Internet rumors the story became attached to the photo as it began to circulate around the Internet.

(The photo can be seen here on the artist’s website.)

Buckley Family Halloween Beheading

Edward Allen

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