In the Name of Science! (And Beauty)

Yeah, I know. Two beauty posts back to back.

And this one doesn’t even have the decency to have photos. But I really don’t want you to see me looking like Swamp Thing or Leatherface, plus I didn’t think about before/after photos.

These were all grand! experiments. I hadn’t done any of them before and each decision was pretty much guided by ‘I have this in the house, will it do anything good for my skin?’

The answer seems to be yes, all the way around.

1. Rose Facial Scrub

So I knew that I had some seriously built up nastiness in my pores. I think the last time I used a facial scrub, George w. Bush was still in office. I had some of that rose preserves in the fridge from before I found out that roses like to close my throat. I know from wearing Florida Water that I can -wear- roses, just not eat them and I know that rose water is good for your skin.

So I plopped some of that sugar into a bowl with some honey and coconut oil, mixed it up, and scrubbed down my face with it. It was definitely rough. Probably heavier duty than what a lot of people would want to take to their face, or not. I don’t know. But it did definitely improve the texture of my skin. I washed it off with apple cider vinegar toner and warm water.

This’ll be a repeat, once a week.

2. Honey Mask

Then I got bored. And decided to try a mask, because, hey why not. I did a little bit of digging and decided to try honey-cinnamon-nutmeg. I kind of eye balled it, but make sure that you’re using half or less the amount of cinnamon to nutmeg (less cinnamon. Cinnamon can burn so go light on the cinnamon). Make sure you spot test first because, again, cinnamon isn’t a friend to a lot of people. Or leave it out entirely.

I spread that goo around and let it sit for 20 minutes then took a shower.

This one? Major results. My skin is much softer and the tone is much, much better. My blemishes went way down too. Definitely a repeat.

3. Egg White Pore Strips

I have horrible black heads on my nose. Always have. Just part of being me. This was the wild card of the bunch and even the reviews I read said as much. The idea is simple, glue toilet paper to your face with egg whites, let it dry, and then peel it off.

The thing is, I did come away with a lot of nastiness on that toilet paper. But there’s still a lot of ick on my nose. But again, three terms since I’ve really cared about my skin. And for the cost of an egg and some toilet paper I’m okay putting this into my rotation. I think the hardest part is this has to sit forever. You have to wait for it to dry and I really though that 40 minutes would have been long enough but the inside of the strip was still wet-which I doubt helps the effectiveness.

This will be a ‘if I have the time to mess around with it’ project.


No ‘Poo check in: Day 6-this wash left my hair much cleaner and much softer. I think my scalp is starting to like this.


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