Sunday Legends-Black Aggie


The connection between ghosts and cemeteries is probably obvious to many individuals, but occasionally the haunt extends into the actual architecture of the site as well as the ghosts of those who are buried at the site.

One of the most involved of these legends is Maryland’s Black Aggie. Black Aggie is the name that has been given to a copy of the statue Grief that was housed in the Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, Maryland. The statue’s notoriety extends in the late 1920s with claims that the statue is capable of becoming animated at night. It is said that the statue’s influence also prevents grass from growing at the location of its instillation, and that the statue seems to be a magnet for the souls of those buried on the grounds. Supposedly the statue is also capable of influencing the health of visitors-legend claims the statue can strike a person blind or bring on miscarriage.

There is another layer to the story, that is probably equally strange but perhaps grounded slightly more in reality. During the 1960s, the statue disappeared. It appears that the family controlling the grave site Aggie adorned had donated her to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC but the museum claimed to have no knowledge about it or its location. Eventually the statue was found outside the Federal Courts building in Washington, where it stands today. The statue had been donated in part to stop the number of illegal visits to the grave site drawn by the urban legends surrounding the statue, and there is no word if Aggie still receives visitors, or if it has similar effects as it did while in Maryland.


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