Self Care

How do you practice self-care?

Part of the reason that I’ve been quiet with the blogging, and with the blogging about projects or recipes, is that I’m forcing myself to get into a habit of self-care. I want to have something in place before my SAD kicks in before the winter and frankly the last time I had a stable routine I was in college and therefore had a radically different schedule.

I think that even if you’re not dealing with depression issues, self-care is an exceptionally important idea. It doesn’t have to be based around the physical but you really need to have a routine that will allow you to make some space for yourself and unwind. For me, what I’m finding is most helpful is a routine that is three-fold: active, physical, and spiritual.

The active is that at least once a week I need to engage in activity, whether it be read a book, socialize online or in a group (I got to go to a new coffee house on Saturday and meet up with a new group of people), or make something. The physical is find a way to pamper myself, take care of myself better, or both. I’ve been playing around with different skincare techniques to figure out what my skin likes in my late twenties, and getting back in the swing of cosmetics. I bought a brush and started dry brushing my skin. The spiritual is the easiest for me and has been for a couple of years. I walk past a small lake every day and it helps to ground me. I pray, I pray a lot actually. I guess my level of religiosity surprises people.

With the exception of the physical I don’t do everything, every day-and even that varies from day to day. Some days it’s all I can do to brush my teeth, let alone put on a face full of make up. But I do try to find some time every day to take care of myself, because one of the realities of being adult is that no one is going to just give you the time. You have to learn to prioritize yourself, even if it’s just a ten minute walk or five minutes washing your face in the way that feels best for you.

What does self-care mean to you? Do you feel like your routine is fulfilling, or would you like to change it? What is your routine? Do you have one?


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