Black Stick-men

I’ve been avoiding talking about shadow people on this blog for years. I don’t want to do it. I have some rather strong views on the subject, and I have to admit they come firmly down on the side of ‘skeptic’ and not ‘believer’. I suppose the most polite and least likely way to word this without getting me flamed will be to say that I don’t deny that people are encountering something-I’m just not willing to label it a shadow being wearing a fedora.

That being said, the black stick-men phenomena is one that I’m so unfamiliar with that I’m honestly baffled by it. I’ve spent a large chunk of time looking for the original list that I found the legend on, and finally! managed to do it (it’s here, by the way). I really have no idea what could be going on with this one.

The story goes that people are seeing what amounts to animated stick-men of the type that kids draw or that show up on bathroom door signs. They are completely two-dimensional in that you can only really see them by facing them head-on or walking behind them; they disappear into nothingness when seen from the side. They seem to favor…top hats? These stick men seem to be very tall and fairly peaceful but they seem to not like being looked at. According to the legend the sight of them inspires fear or dread, but then I’m not sure ‘elation’ would be an expected reaction to a situation like this.

The obvious response is that a two-dimensional creature can’t exist in a three dimensional plane. However, I would like to point out that while I don’t believe in these creatures, the physics of a legend rarely seem to factor into the belief in a legend. Some of the Internet discussion seems to suggest that perhaps what people are seeing are birds like cranes or herons, which in low light conditions do admittedly look weird as all get out.

I’m going to label this one as cryptid, though to be completely honest I’m going with ‘created legend’. Some of the Internet discussion says that there’s no diffusion effect going on like with a normal legend and that there’s reports of sightings, but there also appears to be little to no evidence of these things existing, and there’s very little to no historical back story. They seem to just have appeared out of nowhere, so to speak, once Listverse mentioned them. However, once they do come up people start to relay stories of sightings-often involving children or while the respondent was a child. Discussion seems to want to place these as something inter-dimensional, alien, or something else entirely. Perhaps what we’re looking at here is something more archetypal than paranormal?

Or, they’re completely made up-which honestly is almost interesting in its own right.

Black Stick Men

The Black Stick Men Phenomena

Black Stick-men: The Next Paranormal Fad?



  1. I don’t know if this is still an open post or forum. But I just saw about 15 to 20 of these stick men I will call them while at church. EXACTLY as described. I described them to my wife as strutting in slow motion. I could only see them out of the peripheral vision of my eye sight on both sides of me. they were moving forward toward the preacher not giving way to any physical limitations, like pews or isles. they would spin slowly like looking for something or someone and continue forward. I have never experienced holy sprit before and not sure but today I received a message I would say (the word)or message I was given was that “if I help build God’s house, he will help with mine.” the strange thing is the church is sponsoring a mission and building a church in Slovakia and looking for money to help. i had also felt a pushing sensation while In prayer making me adjust my feet to stand. I was thinking I could volunteer some of my carpentry skills and go on this mission to help. I cant find anything on these stick men. I hate to say it seems like they are being filtered out of mainstream media. with all the media out here why am I the only one seeking this? a medium friend said these are similar to elf like fairy’s that will sometimes give her messages and I am to heed my calling and talk to preacher. please let me know why I cant find anything like this and if any one could help.

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