The Ghost of Cutter’s Grove

The Ghost of Cutter’s Grove

Patrick Dakin

Accessed via Kindle

302 Pages

Lucas seems to be one of those guys who has really crappy luck. The type of luck where things go wrong even when they’re seeming to go right-things will probably go right eventually but not without dragging him around a little first. When he finds his girlfriend with another man on the day that he’s let go from his job, he gets in his car and drives until he finds himself outside the town of Cutter’s Grove. Like a lot of small towns, Cutter’s Grove has its own ghosts-and he finds himself face to face with one of them.

I have a deep interest for murder mysteries that have an odd twist to them. The detective owns a bakery, the town has a strange name (or theme), or the case takes a turn to the supernatural. Dakin’s novel has just enough supernatural material to call it a paranormal mystery, but honestly, the storyline is fairly light on the paranormal. Honestly, I was completely fine with that as the plot moves along quickly and Lucas is pretty likeable as a character.

I will say that I figured out who the murderer was about halfway through the book, but the story is a little vague on the motives. That may be a weakness to some readers but I enjoyed the book overall. I’d actually like to see what other adventures Lucas gets up to, if Dakin decides to write more books involving him. The book is written in a fairly informal, loose tone that seems to fit Lucas’ personality.

Mild sexual content and light profanity. Some violence. I’d say adult readership for this one, but more mature young adult readers should be okay with this one.


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