Operation Autumn-Number 27, Pumpkin Lattes and Voodoo Chips

I wasn’t going to post twice in a week about Operation Autumn because I have a hard time believing that my seasonal antics are just that interesting.

But then I went for my latte.

This is my yearly week off, and I have two days during the week to fill. Every other day is spoken for, but I decided to spend part of my free days with a relaxing hour reading and drinking a pumpkin latte. Those things are pricey, but it’s a tradition.

I didn’t feel like getting terribly pretty to go to Starbucks so I pulled on one of my orange skirts, an Army of Darkness t-shirt (as in, the movie) and an orange headwrap and off I went. I’m standing in line and one of the baristas is very excited to see the t-shirt, and I’m happy that someone’s not giving me the side eye when I’m wearing it for once. We get to talking and the barista on register asks me for the name to put on the cup.

Ripley. Yep, I’ve finally been able to fulfill one of my long-held dreams. And…the barista pegs the reference.

By the end of the encounter my drink’s free because I’m awesome. The barista’s opinion, though yeah I think that I’m pretty awesome myself.


A couple of weeks ago XoJane had an entry talking about potato chips, and there was a thread in the comments about Zapp’s Voodoo Chips. People were really excited about them but no one actually said what a Voodoo Chip tastes like. They’re apparently a Gulf Coast thing. I sort of pushed it to the back of my mind as something I would never taste.

Voodoo Chips taste like the dirty potato chips that sometimes pop up around here. For whatever reason Dollar General came through again with the southern snack foods. I have no idea why but the Dollar General near my house has started carrying regional foods in larger and larger quantities. Dirty potato chips taste sort of like they dumped all the ends of different flavor batches into a pile and use that. It’s better than it sounds.


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