Sleepy Hollow

I’d like to pretend that I have some sort of rule against reviewing shows in their infancy. Because I’m one of those people who falls in love with shows that everyone else hates and they get canceled (I also carry a deep seated hatred of shows that everyone else loves. I’m no Game of Thrones fan).

So in saying this, I take full responsibility in this show’s demise: I really like Sleepy Hollow. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this is Washington Irving’s story and then getting angry that it’s not. I don’t think that it’s supposed to be, it’s a trippy, pretty, time travel and magic story that’s completely falling in line with my tastes this season. This show’s a little woozy and really nice to look at.

If you like your genres to stay in nice little clean boxes, then don’t bother. There’s other shows out there that you’re going to like better. This is Irving via Outlander and Hellboy (I’m reading the Outlander series this fall, by the way). If you like shows like Grimm, you’re probably going to like this one…I just hope there’s going to be a series to like in the end.


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