On My Bookshelf

Trust me my Kindle’s not sitting around gathering dust. Mid commented recently that he would have bought me a reader months ago if he realized how much reading I’d actually be doing with it.

I use the Erie County Library’s online e-book service all the time for books. I’m going through files at what’s probably an alarming rate-but all of my wait time feels so much easier now.

The Devil in Silver-Victor LaValle

Easily one of the creepiest and most compelling books I’ve read all year. Horror in the way that terrible things are horrible but not horror in a ghost and ghoulies sort of way, though the question does arise: was the devil really living in a ward of the New Hyde hospital? A lot of the negative reviews seem to think that the book should have been more straight forward than it was. Perhaps spending as much time as I do immersed in a genre known for its lack of straight edges has made me find fairly convoluted story lines less complicated than for others.

Odd Thomas-Dean Kootz

I’m honestly not far enough into this one to tell if it’s worth continuing or not. I don’t need an author to be a literary powerhouse to interest me but this series may be a little too pop for my tastes in the end. I read until the 25% point of each novel before I decide to keep going though so perhaps this one will pull through.

The Iron Fey series-Julie Kagawa

I have a very, very intense love/hate relationship with the Meredith Gentry series. And if you’ve read more than say, 10 pages of one of those novels I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say that they have a habit of being a little too…one dimensional in a way that goes on for oh. Five or six chapters at a time? A little balance is good for everyone, is what I’m saying. The long and rambling road I’m going down is leading to this idea: the Iron Fey series, since it’s technically late YA fiction, is pretty much my stop-gap for my issues with the Gentry series. As in a similar but wildly different plotline with halfway believable characters. I’m actually finding myself reading a lot of YA fiction right now.



      1. Well, they had to keep up with Knook, which might be better. I did get to try out the previous version. And I do have an older Sony reader which work fine except for a low battery life.

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