Haunted Western New York-Burrville Cider Mill (Fort Drum)

photo via morguefile

photo via morguefile

This column is wandering around here there and everywhere. I thought that it may be cute (ahem) to look at a haunted cider mill while I’m knee deep in apples. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on being quite so twee with this column in the long term.

(The video’s not the best quality but I do like videos for these entries.)

The Burrville Cider Mill was built in 1801 and was originally used as a gristmill and a sawmill. At the time the site was known as Burr’s Mill. The property was purchased by Captain John Burr, a man rumored to be a pirate-and to still be haunting the site. Records indicate that the site has had a cider press going back well over 100 years.

There’s been first hand reports of doors opening and closing, as well as photos taken of full apparitions. Lights flicker and objects will move around the gift shop. At least one spirit is accused of smoking cigars in the kitchen. The two ‘named’ ghosts are Captain John Burr, already mentioned, and Homer Rebb, who owned the mill in the 1940s.


Burville Cider Mill

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