The Graves (2009)

Likable characters will save a film for me, and I really like the sisters who are at the center of the Graves.

The rest of the character list are a little…unbalanced. Some of them are solid but a lot of them are wooden or horribly overacted. Overacted in an enjoyable way, but overacted nonetheless. One of my few issues with the sisters’ characterization is that they’re a little too pretty compared to the rest of the cast-I do think this is one of those films where you’re supposed to care about them because they’re attractive.

However, what I really like about these two is that they’re not the normal final girl type-at least not on the surface. Both are deeply into comic books and the modern alternative scene. The sisters aren’t the normal cheerleader perky type.

The movie, a minor play on words, comes from the sisters themselves-the Graves. Megan and Abby are traveling the back roads on one last road trip as they are about to go their seperate ways. After they get lost looking for the world’s largest thermometer, they find themselves drawn into a ghost town called Skull City-and all the dangers found within.

An entry in the 8 Films to Die For series, there’s not a lot of new ground covered in this piece, and I don’t want to make it sound like the Grave sisters are banner girls for the 3rd wave. The overall quality here is spotty at best, but having Brian Pulido produce makes a lot of the action feel comic bookish (which is what Pulido is best known for), a departure that’s actually kind of nice compared to the average low budget, low quality haunted/slasher pic.

Which is a surprisingly large genre.


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