Frightworld 2013

I held my annual fall open house on Saturday, and part of our plans this year was a trip to Frightworld.

Frightworld is a powerhouse in the haunted attraction world, as well it should be. Housing five separate attractions, the house is frequently ranked in the top ten haunted attractions in the US-and often the world. With traditional style jump scares and some pretty offbeat scares it’s a really fun event.

Tickets are a little pricey, at $25 (cash) but you get five houses for the cost of admission for a world ranked house. The house has been featured on the Travel Channel at least once and it’s become a national attraction as well as a local tradition. I’ve not been in a few years before Saturday but honestly a trip each year is worth it-while some of the five houses may be repeated at least a couple will be new.

I’m not sure how kid friendly this event is but there were children there that seemed to be fine with the attraction. As with most Halloween events, you’ll probably want to gauge it against your own kids. The closer it gets to Halloween the earlier you’ll want to attend. Doors open at 6:30, and Frightworld only accepts cash but there are several Key banks on Sheridan with ATMs.

Frightworld is located on the corner of Sheridan and Niagara Falls Boulevard this year.


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