Apple Season, Day 3-Red Hot Applesauce

So the thing they don’t tell you about cooking with Red Hots is that it’s going to turn everything this lovely shade of day-glo pink.

If you look at pictures of canning projects on Pinterest that use Red Hots, everything’s this deep shade of red (fair warning: this is one of those projects that uses artificial coloring. This is a household that routinely stinks of hot wool and koolaide. It’s not one of my current health concerns.) but what you may not realize-read:what I didn’t realize-is that Red Hots in a low enough concentration are just pink.

I honestly have no idea why I’ve been so drawn to the idea of canning with Red Hots. I think that it’s the taboo of it (did you know that there’s a taboo of canning with Red Hots? Because there is. I’ve seen it. The discussion surrounding it, I mean.) and nothing will get me to do a thing faster than tell me I can’t do it.

To avoid canning with candy, look for the most potent cinnamon you can find and mix it into a light to medium simple syrup to use as your water and sugar for your crockpot. There’s probably all natural Red Hots. I’d be shocked to find out there’s not.

Red Hot Applesauce

Half pint-ish water*

I cup-ish Red Hot candies (I filled a half pint jar about halfway to three-quarters full)

Apples, peeled, cored, and sliced

Over medium low heat melt the Red Hot candies in the water, stirring occasionally. Once the candies have completely melted add to the apples in a medium crock-pot; this is an adjustable project, the more apples obviously the more sauce, but you can adjust the amount of apples you use.

*This batch came out runnier than what I would have liked. I would cut back a little on the water.

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