The Bank of the River

The Bank of the River

Michael Richan

Accessed via the Kindle Store

220 pages

Steven and Ray don’t share the normal father-son bond.

Ray can see ghosts, among other things. Steven doesn’t find this out until he buys a haunted house.

Not quite your normal ghost story, I greatly enjoyed this book. Apparently the first in a series the book follows the development of both the growing relationship between the two men and Steven’s newly discovered gifts. Ray describes what the pair does as jumping into a river that only a few people see but everyone interacts with. It’s an apt description, and an image that frankly I like a lot better than more mainstream descriptions of supernatural gifts.

Both men are fully human, in that neither of them are perfect. Both swear, with some frequency and Ray’s age often holds him back in a way that’s neither forced nor unrealistic-he wants his son involved in the family secret for reasons that go beyond just wanting to protect him from the darkness that Steven’s found himself in the middle of.

I did actually greatly enjoy this novel. It’s a straightforward read with an original take on the haunted house genre. It’s also nice to see this type of story told from a primarily male perspective-most of the books I’ve read with similar stories have been from the perspectives of women. I’m hoping to be able to find the rest of the books in the River series.

Moderate profanity.


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