Rambly Confessions

I’m planning on doing (American) Thanksgiving with my sister-of-choice and her family this year. Biologically I’m an only child but people have been filling in the ranks over the past few years. After last year’s Thanksgiving implosion I’m looking forward to a solid base number of people to feed anyway and she’s letting me use her kitchen so I won’t be driving a fully baked turkey around with me this time. I’m starting to work on the menu for that (tip: bake your turkey breast side down).

I forgot Canadian Thanksgiving outright this year. I ended up making mac and cheese Monday before work. Rather, I knew it was coming up but couldn’t get around to actually looking it up until one of my Canadian brethren online made a comment about Thanksgiving. People on this side of the border keep asking me why we have it-I think that people forget that it’s been several decades since I lived on that side of the border-but my response keeps amounting to the same: why not?

I need to start thinking about Christmas. I’m canning for casual friends and non-family members, but the only family I have any idea what to buy for is my mom. Mid keeps buying what he wants for himself. I may wait for his stuff until closer to Christmas. My dad really likes the Penzey’s catalog but I can’t give him just that.

If nothing else this is turning into a productive fiber fall. I’m almost done with my charity goals-I have been working on garter stitch scarves while I read my Kindle. I taught myself to do it while in college so I could get through my chemistry reading and it’s proving to be a useful skill. Now that my Inferno shawl’s off of my needles I’m working on the sweater that I started last winter. The Tuesday Fiber column is guilting me into productivity.

I have a few fall themed Pinterest boards that you may be interested in!

Fall Into the Holidays     The Pumpkin Queen    Two Thanksgivings


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