Seasonal Sunday Legends-Mirror, Mirror

The Victorians especially were incredibly interested in all the ways that Halloween could be used as a gateway into the future. Most of these games were fairly harmless, and some have survived to this era-though admittedly without the divination.

-If you peel an apple in one continuous spiral and through it into a bowl of water over your left hand shoulder the peel will fall into the shape of the first letter of the name of your future spouse.

All bets are off if it falls into an eldritch alphabet.

-More apples, with a similar idea. Twisting the stem off of an apple while reciting the alphabet will show you the first letter of the name of your future spouse at the letter the stem breaks.

-More apples. Apples were big for samhain and other root holidays. The first person to grab an apple while bobbing for apples would be the first to marry.

-We’re not done with the apples yet. Another game involved slipping a coin into an apple and dangling them from strings. Whoever bit into the apple with the coin first was guaranteed a successful year.

-Moving on from apples to hazelnuts, a couple would throw a hazelnut into a fire. If it exploded with a loud crack their relationship would last. If it just sort of rolled around and burned, their relationship was burned.

-This one finally doesn’t involved food. A game called puicini would be played where a group of people would be blindfolded. A series of bowls filled with different objects signifying different areas of luck (money, love, etc) would be passed and when the blindfolds were removed, the bowl they were holding indicated that person’s luck.

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