Seasonal Legends-Run Away, Mr. Turkey!

I’m having company over tonight for dinner for DDLM. Luckily for Tom, we’re having meatloaf.

Horrific Knits

If you are not an American reader, you may not be aware that every year on Thanksgiving, the president ‘pardons’ a turkey.

The turkey is given to him by the National Turkey Federation, and has been since 1947. Legend states that President Truman was the first president to pardon a turkey-stating that in 1947 he refused to eat the bird and instead ‘pardoned’ it from its holiday induced trauma. However, there is no evidence in the Truman Library of this having ever occured. Likewise, there is folklore stretching back to Abraham Lincoln having begged for the life of a turkey.

In 1963 JFK was presented a turkey by the California Turkey Advisory Board, and likewise, he refused to consume the bird. However, he also didn’t use the word ‘pardon’-but the media did. This became the first time that the connection between turkey pardoning and the presidents actually became fully documented…

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