Tuesday Fiber-Someone Lit the Yule Log

I could NOT get a decent photo of this project to save me. I’m going to have to get out the ‘good’ camera and play around with it once Mid gets home. I, um, don’t know how to get the photos off the camera once I take them…anyway.

This is one of Mid’s Christmas presents for this year. I used a basic sock pattern-the joy of a stocking is that it’s just a giant sock that you don’t have to worry about fit for. I used this chart for the snowflakes-and it’s probably obvious I’m still getting the hang of tension with fair isle in the round.

Confession: I did use acrylic. My grandmother knit all of her stockings in acrylic, and now that I’m old enough to be taking care of my own decorations I can see why. I don’t want to have to dry clean holiday decorations.

The odd color choice-they’re two of Mid’s favorite colors. I decided to go with personalization over tradition with this project.

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