Early Winter Musings


It won’t be winter for another month or so.

Tell that to the weather. And the lake. And my mood.

My SADD. My evil, infernal, challenging SADD. This winter I decided to actually make it a challenge-I’ve already had two really, really hard days. They may have been the hardest two days I’ve had in years with regards to my mental state. Since we haven’t even gotten to true winter yet I’ve decided to make a goal of it, one that’s almost ironic considering the running theme of the last few horror posts on the site.

Each day around noon, which means just before when I leave for work during the week, I post a positivity thread. On Sunday I posted a picture of a puppy. Most of the time it’s text-based. I ask my friends list to tell me what’s going good in their life. Sometimes the answer’s a little bleak, but in a way that I think I can appreciate-sometimes just waking up in the morning is as good as it’s going to get. One time the answer was pancakes.

People were really excited about Dr. Who this weekend (and really, the 50th anniversary special was worth being excited for).

I think that the run of death-related imagery the past few days has been a way of me reconnecting with my desire to help people. I think I mentioned at one point that my life-dream job is in the end-of-life field. I want to help people, and for whatever reason I feel like my path is heading in that particular direction. I’m certain my Pinterest followers must love me right now; I started a death studies board on Saturday.

So it’s perhaps vaguely morbid, but oddly grounding at the same time.


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