Seasonal Sunday Legends-The Yule Cat

sunday legends: yule cat
It’s weird how time works this time of year. It feels like last Sunday was a lot longer ago than what it actually was. Well.

The Yule Cat is another odd duck that likes to hang out with last week’s odd duck, Gryla. The cat would probably be happier all the way around if he didn’t have such bizarre pet peeves-he eats people who don’t have new clothes by Christmas Eve. Theorized as a way of getting people to finish their wool processing, the ‘nicer’ version is that he just eats all of your food at Christmas Eve while you sit and watch. Sort of like coming in and finding your cat eating the Christmas turkey on the counter.

While it’s sort of an odd thing to get worked up about-maybe there’s a reason they have no clothes that have nothing to do with them-it’s most likely something to get people interested in helping with the wool processing. Trust me, it’s not an entirely pleasant task; there’s a lot more to it than just happily spinning Autumn nights away at the hearth. People were often paid in kind, so receiving your clothes by Yule would be a sign that you actually did something.

Oh, and the Yule Cat has a habit of staring in windows after dark according to some variations of the story. I’m telling you, he’s a creeper.


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