Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark

Andrew Marinus

Accessed via Pseudopod

Adults aren’t supposed to admit to being afraid of the dark, though we all know that we are. Maybe not all the time, but every once in awhile even the strongest among us will jump at something in the shadows.

What do we  do when the dark becomes the only thing that’s saving us?

A month prior to the start of this short, something has occurred. The narrator seems to be unwilling or unable to tell us what that something is, and while it’s on one level annoying, this lack of information ultimately strengthens the tension by depriving us of some of the logic necessary to process what’s going on. And the absurdity of what’s occurring-which on one hand seems almost silly and on the other hand truly almost hellish (in as literal a sense as one can get)-makes it that much more horrific because not only can you not see it, what you aren’t seeing is probably laughable. Not probably, apparently is laughable.

Just remember…don’t leave the night light on for this one.

Low levels of violence.

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