Sunday Legends-Jumping the Broom

Let’s sweep out the past year. It wasn’t one of the top 10 anyway.

Horrific Knits

Brooms have a long standing place in superstition and folklore. Brooms are such a simple item, but have such importance.

Brooms are like water, they can bring energy into or out of a home. In that sense, most of the folklore has to do with being careful in using a broom to make sure that you don’t bring luck into or out of a space.

-When a person or family moves into a new home it’s considered prudent to gift them with a new broom, to be hung over the most used doorway. Similarly, a new couple should be granted a new broom as well. The old broom should be washed with clean running water preferably and discarded with intent.

-Don’t store a broom upside down (resting on its bristles). Breaking a broom’s bristles are considered to be bad luck.

-Brooms can sweep luck into and out of a house…

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