Empty Your Jars-Plummy Chicken

From food-meat

Plum jam was an experiment for me. I used my blackstrap strawberry recipe, just swapping out the berries for whole, unpeeled plums. I thought I could use the jam as a plum sauce stand in.

From food-meat

What I ended up doing was modding (very slightly, I added a lot more sriracha and no extra garlic) this recipe. I’m going to need to can more plum jam.

From food-meat

-Splash of black or balsamic vinegar

-Sriracha, to taste (that means a lot of it for me, probably not so much for me)

-Splash soy sauce (optional)

-1/4 pint jar of plum jam

-Chicken breast

Finely slice chicken breast. In a bowl combine all of the sauce ingredients. Sauté chicken breast until almost cooked through, then add the sauce to the pan and let reduce down. Alternatively you can cook down the sauce in a separate pot and toss with cooked chicken.

Serve over rice.

Want to try it with strawberry? Strawberry sriracha chicken

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