Top Entries of 2013

1. The Buckley Family Photograph

I can thank Tumblr for the interest in this one…

2. Haunted Houses-Amityville

One of America’s most famous haunted houses, and the first in a series I hope to return to in 2014.

3. Bakery Style Cakes

How to make a cake mix taste like something from the bakery.

4. Mississippi Roast

Peppers and ranch seasoning combine for a simple, savory roast recipe.

5. The Expressionless

How about some creepy pasta for dinner tonight?

6. Cyser Style Apples

AKA wine apples, or one of my most popular canning projects

7. Rings

8. Peach Pie Jam

The taste of pie for breakfast

9. Salt Dough Ornaments

A simple Christmas craft

10. The Care and Feeding of Your Depression

A topic that’s near and dear to my heart.


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