We were listening to one of the King in Yellow stories on Pseudopod one night when rarebit was mentioned, and with that I knew what we were going to eat as a simple, fast, and not terribly healthy dinner.

Rarebit is a relatively old dish with origins going as far back as at least the mid 19th century. A fairly straight  forward dish, it’s also a little odd. The recipe here isn’t much of a recipe because it’s theorized by some to have been created as a drinking dish, and drunk people aren’t really known for their ability to follow exacting directions. Use whatever cheese you have in the fridge and whatever cooking fluid you have available to you.

If you’re allergic to mustard, use extra cheese and some hot sauce or cayenne pepper. Rarebit does come in different varieties (though I fear I don’t remember all the names of them) so you can add layers of eggs, meat, or vegetables if the thought of straight up bread and melted cheese is a little too rich for you.

about 1/4 cup cooking fluid (wine, beer, water, or milk, or combination thereof)

cheese-at least one palm sized chunk. I use whatever bits and pieces I have in the house

1 or 2 good sized squeezes of mustard

toasted bread

Over medium low heat melt cheese with the mustard and cooking fluid. Serve over toasted bread.

Rarebit Dreams

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