Sunday Legends-Threads

Because yarn stores are not a commodity that has been historically prevalent, spinning has been a huge part of mythology throughout the world. Here are three figures that are associated with spinning~

Clotho-Clotho was the youngest of the Moirai or fates. She was tasked with spinning the thread that made up a person’s life. However, she was also involved in a whole range of activities including helping to write alphabets, becoming involved with love affairs, and helping to murder titans.

Mokos-Mostly a fertility goddess, Mokos is one of the few female deities with a wide base in the Slavic pantheon. She is primarily the goddess of earth-based fertility (as in, crops and such) but she is also connected to those tasks that women would be responsible such as weaving, spinning, and other fiber arts.

Habetrot-More of a faery-like figure than a goddess, she is connected with curse lifting though in really specific ways.


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