I Wear Many Hats (Tuesday Fiber)

wrappedIt’s cold, people. It’s really really cold*.

It’s a good thing I’ve been knitting many many hats.

I’m going to start working my way through the backlog of my finished projects.

Hat shown in photo:

Along the Tree Line

Brown wool (unknown, gifted without label)

Scrap wool overdyed with green**

size 6 needles

A basic hat knit slouchy with a brown 2×2 rib band, with the body knit as 2 rounds each brown and green alternating.

*I am in fact wearing a mobius strip that I knit in the dark ages of ‘life before Ravelry or Youtube existed’ out of Lamb’s Pride over a wool hat. I told you, it’s cold.

**Overdying gray wools green has literally been a a dream of mine since I was 16 and went to my first Rhinebeck. Check this one off of the bucket list.


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