Jack Frost

I should admit up front I had no interest in watching this film. I don’t really like this type of horror, my love of Thankskilling aside. But there’s not that many holiday horror films on the market, so I can’t be too picky.

One of the questions that I’ve always wanted to ask horror producers (and producers in general if I’m being fair) is why kids never sound like kids. No one’s children actually squeak like the way they do in movies.

Jack Frost is sort of a goofy film, with a lot of ‘zany’ shots and weird effects. The acting isn’t anything to get excited about, but the cast acts like they had a fun time with the movie which sometimes makes up for stilted delivery. The storyline is pretty thin, but I’m not sure this falls into a part of genre where the depth of plot is what propels a movie along. If you have a thing for slasher films or a love of holiday horror, I would recommend this one but otherwise I’m not sure you’re missing much by avoiding it.


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