I Am Used to Terrible Weather. Really.

Calm, this is what ‘calm’ looked like.

No, really I am. I’ve been in snow belts all my life, but there comes a point where you just throw in the towel and say enough is enough, I’m not wearing fifteen pounds of wool to stand at a bus stop to wait for a driver who will show up when he or she feels like it in a blizzard and hope that the city is still open when I need to try to get home.

And weird things were happening all day even without trying to leave. My Picasa was snowing. No, I don’t understand that either.

Eventually you have to make the health/travel decision, and figure out which one outweighs the other.

I sat at home and took silly, bad photos of the hats that I promised you I would blog about. This included opening an Instagram account because I finally upgraded to a phone that could support it.

I guess I have a different reaction to this hat than other people. I’m not fond of it. Everyone else seems to be. I think that the slouch eats my head. Mid refuses to let me reknit it smaller.

It is a simple pattern. I knit three of them in a week, 2 for other people. My favorite was in a color called denim and I want to get some for myself. The pattern is fine; I just need to knit it at a tighter gauge for myself or I feel like I’m walking around with a mushroom on my head.

Parisian Slouch Hat

Pattern here

size 9 needles

caron simply soft

Knit to pattern specifications. Next time I would knit on smaller needles for this yarn.


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