Our Fearless Hero Attempts to Read Everything

I’ve been on a book buying storm. A book binge. A book avalanche. All the books. All of them.

It’s not as bad as it sounds; I’ve gotten really good at finding the books I want on sale, or just plain waiting for them to go on sale. Or I save up Amazon gift cards and get them that way. There’s been very, very few that I’ve paid full price for.

What is your stance on free e-books? I’ve heard people get upset with people for downloading them, because by default there’s no income for the writer. However, in my case, there are writers that I’ve repeatedly purchased books from because they offered free content on Smashwords or Amazon.

I now am familiar with the idea of a ‘book diet’; that’s a feeling I didn’t think I would ever have to face.

Another sensation? An actual diet, but I really hate that word. That word has no place in my universe, so I’m going to call it an eating plan and assume that’s what they really meant. I’m trying the DASH plan (dietary approaches to stop hypertension). I’ve always been prehypertensive but I’m now on a medication that may or may not hurt my blood pressure. I think I can handle this plan, or at least adjust to it-it’s lots of nuts and produce and chicken. So a lot of food I already eat.

Have I mentioned I hate diets? Because I do.


One comment

  1. Man, I’m the last person to fault somebody for buying books. I work at the library, regularly get books from the library book sale, and visit the used and new book stores on Main Street on my breaks. I’m a bibliophile, to be sure.

    Pretty much the only ebooks I have are free. But, if I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve then sought out the authors subsequent works. I’ve heard that the offering of free ebooks, in controlled bursts, can actually help an author drive sales. I don’t actually have an experience or authority on that topic, though.

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