Come on.

Be honest with yourself.

If you’re the type of person who drinks, then when something truly, outlandishly, completely ridiculous happens, then it’s not so strange to think ‘you know what, a beer might not make this better but it’ll certainly make it easier to handle.’

Take that thought, and add cthulhu and you’re halfway to Grabbers.

It’s not Cthulhu, that’s an exaggeration but not by much. Grabbers is about a small town in Ireland that finds itself under siege by a flock (school?) of alien, tentacle waving ocean monsters that seem to have a strong hatred of alcohol and a taste for human blood. The obvious answer is to round up all of the people in town, lock them in the bar and get them as drunk as possible for as long as possible.

Grabbers is the type of film that you can only enjoy if you like comedic horror [I do]. Watching the town attempt to come to terms with the invasion is hilarious, as well as attempting to try to corral all of the townspeople into the bar to protect them (hint: always tell them that you’re giving away free alcohol). Maybe not as successful at the genre as Shaun of the Dead, but still, worth a watch.

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