Blood and Skin

Steve Malley

302 pages

Accessed as an E-book, $2.99 on Amazon at time of review

Balancing a complicated plot is a delicate game; sometimes a book has a habit of devolving into bizarre chaos if an author adds too much background or detail to a story without holding something in check.

Malley actually manages to walking the fine line between busily surreal and muddy confusion fairly well. There are a lot of elements to this book, but Malley manages to hold onto to his storyline and keep the plot moving forward. My only issue with the novel as a whole is that plot elements almost seem to be added in as an afterthought in some cases, and there are a few characters that I wonder why they were added when by the end of the book they didn’t seem to be particularly involved in the plot.

Sam Rourke is a tattoo artist living in Minneapolis with a family who seems to have some odd talents including picking up a telephone and having any phone near the person they want to talk to ring. He’s been trained in hand to hand combat almost to the point of professional mercenary. And he sees dead people. Unfortunately for Sam, he’s about to fall for a woman who’s only in the country for a month-and he’s becoming increasingly convinced that someone wants him dead.

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