What’s the best way for a zombie killer to ensure that he has a long term job?

Be the one that makes the zombies in the first place.

Wesley Snipes (Aman) has a problem. When he kills someone, they don’t stay dead, which means he has to go back and kill them again. Set in they type of western environment back that the nameless Preacher would be comfortable with, Gallowwalkers sits somewhere between The Walking Dead and the Quick and the Dead remake.

There are some oddities to this movie though. A church full of white haired clergy, a monster that wandered in off of the Hellraiser set, and corsetry that starts to border on the line of ludicrous. It’s very dreamy, as in, there’s not a lot of linear explanation that goes on in the movie.

It’s hard to decide if this is a good film or not. It’s enjoyable, it has its moments. And there’s not a lot in the way of zombie westerns to try and rank it against other films in its niche. It’s certainly surreal. It’s almost worth watching just because of how strange the concept is. And honestly, the zombies are kind of awesome.


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