V/H/S 2

Rarely, a sequel will take what the original film was trying to do and make it better. V/H/S 2 is actually a significantly better film than the first.

The original V/H/S was weakened significantly by the plots of the segments-or the lack thereof depending on stance. The segments in this sequel are much better written and better put together. While this is still a found footage style movie, the segments are also cleaner and much tighter, which makes this a much easier and enjoyable watch for horror fans who aren’t quite as enamored with found footage as a lot of viewers (include me on that list).

Other than the second segment, the stories are fairly original and the ways that the footage is acquired within are not the normal rocky cam shots. Also, as a plus, some of the nastier social politics that ran as a sub-theme under the majority of the first film seem to have been rejected. V/H/S 2 is a much better project than the first, though if you liked the nastier aspects and the grittier styling of the first film, you’re probably not going to be as impressed with this sequel.

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