On My Bookshelf


Christmas Healing- Morris Fenris and Jasmine Bowen

On very rare occasions I enjoy paranormal romances, and this one fit most of my criteria for what I find readable. It’s a fast read, with little to no ‘romance’ involved (as in, I wasn’t uncomfortable reading this one in public). There is one trope that I find a little odd that pops up every once in awhile in books in this subgenre that factors into the plot of this novel, but it’s handled in a way where I could almost see it working. The ending’s a little too perfect (the phrase ‘a Christmas miracle!’ is thrown around without any irony whatsoever) but it’s a romance novel. It’s not supposed to be high literature.

A Haunting in Oregon-Michael Richan

Steven and Roy are two of my favorite characters in indy horror. Steven’s befuddlement with the situations that Roy places him into and Roy’s inability to both fully explain himself or stop swearing are oddly endearing. This entry in the River series has the father and son supernatural team investigating the hauntings of a hotel in Oregon and trying to determine if they are connected to a series of deaths in the same building. What they find is probably not something that a reader’s going to see coming first, which is always a pleasant change.

(Book 1 reviewed here)

Grave Doubts: A Paranormal Mystery Novel-Lynn Bohart

Don’t let the paranormal mystery subtitle concern you, there’s very little in this book that’s truly paranormal. Perhaps a little bit odd compared to normal events but the drive of this novel is a pretty normal for genre murder mystery (and a solid one at that). When Lee finds her best friend dead, she knows that her death wasn’t the suicide that the police are certain that it is. What is the meaning of the bird that keeps appearing, and where did the syringe used in the death come from? I enjoyed this book greatly and look forward to more from Bohart.


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