Sometimes the Wait is Worth It


Pardon the overexcited Instagram photo. And the messy couch.

This is Freya.

Freya is a Kromski Sonata castle style double treadle scotch tension travel wheel.

I’ve wanted a wheel for literally fifteen years. The first year that we went to Rhinebeck there was a vendor selling a used wheel for $75 and I have regretted not getting that wheel ever since that trip. I knew on the ride home that I would eventually get a wheel, that this was not a passing interest, and I should have purchased that wheel.

I was right on all three counts.

After ten years of spindling I’m actually making the jump pretty smoothly. The only issue I’m having is the ratios; I know what the ratios do in terms of spinning I just don’t know when to transition to a faster speed (you spin faster for finer wools like Merino).

So far I’ve spun a Merino, a BFL, some left over purple (the same wool from my Barleycorn project) and I’m working on a green nubby set of batts from my stash. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to chain ply on this wheel-and it turns out that I’ve been spinning so much over the past few days that I was wearing through the brake cord. Luckily I have cording in the house.

Cross learning to wheel spin off of my 2014 list.

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