Peach Breeze Smoothie

peachbreezeI don’t really get into Valentine’s Day.

That’s an understatement. Valentines’ Day is my least favorite holiday of the year, the whole thing actually gets to me in ways that I won’t go into on this blog for fear of alienating readers.

I do however have a huge sweet tooth. So I hereby dedicate the month of February to sweet things. Not necessarily candy, but with any luck that will show up this month too (hey, I said I wanted to extend my skills this year).

Lately, I’ve been all about the smoothies. I’ve been trying to follow the DASH diet so I can stay on a certain medication (I’ve had a tendency to run towards pre-hypertension since I was a teenager). However, I actually don’t eat with any great frequency. I actually have problems hitting minimum calorie intact every day. And now I have to add all these nuts, dairy items, and produce into the mix?

What’s a girl to do? Smoothies. Smoothies are the answer. Smoothies keep all the fiber from the produce, and they fit a TON of produce into a single meal. The key to keeping them from creating sugar issues is using something other than juice as the base. I normally use tea or plain yogurt in the place of the traditional juice.

The oatmeal in this smoothie adds extra fiber, which is good for your heart. Make sure to blend it finely before adding the rest of the smoothie or it will have a definitely rough mouth feel.

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