Second Monday Giveaway-Lakers

I’ve decided that I’ve love sending and receiving mail so much, I want to share with my readers!

So this is how this ‘column’ (I hate air quotes but I don’t know what else to call it) will work. It may or may not be every month, and it may or may not be something handmade. I may decide to share with you something I love, like a book or a canning kit. I might give away a gift card. We’ll see where this goes!

Right now, I’m shipping only to American readers. I’ve had packages disappear through customs before and I don’t want to have mail go missing. Maybe that will change with later giveaways.

lakerskeinThe mascot at the college I went to was the Laker. Here’s the thing, we didn’t really know what a Laker actually was. Seriously, four years on the campus and no one was really sure. Was it a goose? Was it an anchor? Was it some sort of anthropomorphized Great Lake?

Who knows. But our colors were gold and green. I purchased a grab bag of superwash fiber in assorted colors from the Joyful Sheep recently and one of the items in the bag was a partial braid of green and gold.

The wool should be superwash, with a prewash WPI of 14.3 to an inch making it heavy fingering or light sportweight. The wool has been chained ply for a 3 ply yarn.

This is a handspun wool with some places with some ‘character’. It’s not at the art yarn stage, but it’s definitely not a machine spun wool. Yarn has been rinsed and set but not washed with a wool wash or other soap. Colors are slightly darker than the photo.



-Handspun superwash wool

-108 yards

-Heavy fingering weight

-3 ply

Giveaway is open to American readers. Giveaway will be open until Thursday February 13th 2014. To enter, leave a comment with what you think a Laker would be if it were a mascot. A random comment will be chosen as the winner.


This comment from Liz is the winner of the 1st Second Monday giveaway: In my mind, a laker would be a type of bird: a skilled swimmer but with a non-remarkable coloration and shape, haha.

Thanks for your entries and look for the next round! Winner will be contacted by email. If the winner can not be contacted in three days, another entry will be chosen.


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  1. A Laker is very similar to the Swamp Thing. In fact, they often get mistaken for a Swamp Thing, the only difference between the two is the Laker has a lighter and more crystalline color to it.

  2. I think it’d be a really impressive-looking mallard with shimmery green-and-gold plumage on its head, as well as superb water- and aerial- attack abilities.

  3. Being from Minnesota, a laker is someone who goes to a lake (which is everyone, really). But the green and gold is from something outside? As a mascot, a laker would be a huge fish breaching the water with shiny green and gold scales.

  4. A Laker would be a viscous, freshwater fish indigenous only to lakes.Of course its scales are purple and yellow, it can jump above the water surface to heights of up to 8 feet, and it can dunk.

  5. If I were to guess what a Laker is, I’d say it were some sort of fish. Your colours were green and yellow… pretty fishy?

    Or maybe a basketball head on a body. Either or.

  6. I’m going simple with this one: it’s just a person wearing a lake as a costume. There can even be little ducks glued to the front so it looks like they’re swimming in the lake!

  7. A very large frog with teeth that has been known to snatch children and dogs that wander too close to the shore when their mother has clearly told them not to wander too close to the shore.

  8. A Laker is like a siren, a woman with greenish-gold hair and skin that sits on the rocky shores and lures unsuspecting fisherman to shore.

  9. A Laker is a giant freshwater snake with green and yellow scales, but it evolved to have fins to help propel it through the water. The fins look suspiciously like kelp, and attract fish that look for bugs and stuff, providing the Laker with an ample amount of food, which means it’s also incredibly fat since it doesn’t have to work for its meals.

  10. There aren’t many tales of Lakers, as few people see them and survive to tell the tale…

    At first glance, they look like grumpy old men drifting across misty ponds in old boats, fishing with long, bent poles. But a closer inspection would reveal their long beards, dipping into the lake or pond that they seem to float over, green algae and moss growing over their heads and up their whiskers.

    Students of rival teams who swim out alone, or late at night, will sometime see a laker’s golden lateral hanging from the back of his boat, and approach out of curiousity. It isn’t until they’re right alongside the vessel, staring into their yellowed eyes, that these people realize they’ve been turned into fish and are being reeled slowly in by an old, monstrous Laker.

    How do I know? Perhaps another time, I will ‘spin’ you the tale.

  11. A Laker to me is kind of an ethereal being…not as froofroo as a fairy, but not like and elf or imp. I can’t imagine that going with a “fierce” mascot.

    Side note: I live near Stetson University and their mascot is “The Hatters” which brings up the same conundrum. Their logo is literally a stetson hat; how is that intimidating?!

  12. After some thought and growing up in the Midwest with all those great country accents, I believe a laker is a tongue! It’s redneck for ‘lick it’
    Your mascot is a giant tongue!

  13. A laker is a lake loving tiny fisher-elf. She tames toads for getting around the lake shore and paddles around on the water in a perfect hand made birch bark canoe

  14. Well done! I’d love to see it in person 🙂 As for a Laker…at this point all I can picture is something covered in snow from all the lake-effect.

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