Jelly Bean Bark {Kids’ Crafts}


I’m a Gold Award Girl Scout*.

Part of that process, for me at least, was a lot of work with younger scouts. I mean, a lot of work with Daisy and Brownie scouts. I essentially adopted a Brownie troop for awhile when I was in high school.

One of the things that I took away from that is that kids

a. love crafting

b. love crafts that let them use fine motor skills and creativity at the same time

c. love anything involving sugar


These are definitely a rare treat type project, but they’re simple enough for even young scouts to make. Having done this type of project with kids before, here’s my tips:

A. Do as much prep work as you can. Sort the candy by color (or buy it that way). Bake the cookies ahead of time-or use store bought dough unless you’re working with older scouts and have a fair amount of time to work with. Same with the frosting-use store bought and pre-measure, unless again you’re working with girls working on a cooking badge.

B. Let them have choice but not too much choice. Limit their options or you may have kids that become frustrated. Give them some wiggle room for control, but don’t give them 10 different shapes of cookies to pick from. Circles or squares with plenty of cookies in case everyone wants the same shape is fine.

C. Assign them either their own color or their own bowl of candy. Try to have it be as balanced as possible.

D. Let them do their own thing. If you wanted everyone to make cookies with all blue candy and someone wants to do red, in the end, a red cookie’s not the end of the world.

E. You may want to enlist older scouts to help with set up, clean up, and observation. This is probably going to get sticky.



*Based on an idea seen on Pinterest

-Sugar cookies, unfrosted, either circles or squares. Size isn’t important, but at least the size of your palm will give you a lot of surface to work with.


-Colored candy like jelly beans, skittles, or m and ms. Dried or fresh fruit in different colors would work well as well.

While your cookies are baking set out your candy, sorted by color.

When the cookies are cooled, frost with your favorite frosting.

Let the frosting set a little then press the candy into the frosting in desired design. Press firmly enough for the candy to stick but be careful that you don’t break the cookie.

Let the frosting dry completely.

*The Gold Award is the highest leadership award that a Girl Scout can earn prior to bridging to Adult.


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