The Self-Esteem Clearinghouse

Sometimes I toy with the idea of starting a page or a group on Facebook, or even a column on here, with the sole purpose of helping other people’s self-esteem.

I know what you’re thinking.

There’s no way that this can end well.

Which is why you don’t see me talking about the amazing new group that I’ve started on Facebook.

What I mean though is sometimes I sit down and think, hey this great thing happened to me today! Let’s put it on Facebook!…to a resounding wall of silence. And that terrible sinking sensation of not a single person caring. Or even, worse, the other side-I’m in a lot of pain right now.


Sometimes I do this thing on Facebook where I ask people what’s going good in their day. People say that they like it…but it’s hit or miss how often people actually post on it. I always find that a little comical-being asked to post a thread that no one then posts on. Anyway, sometimes I think that I should start a bragging thread in the same way. Or a grieving thread. Some sort of self-esteem boosting, yes I’m actually listening to you type thing.

So, why not? What’s going good in your life right now? What do you have going on that you want to brag about? What do you need to say right now?


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