Last Thursday-ism


Last Thursday-ism isn’t an End Times prophesy but I feel like it fits in splendidly with this month’s theme.

Last Thursday-ism is actually classified as a reaction to the omphalos hypothesis which claims that God created the world within the last 10,000 years. My interest in it has nothing to do with religion; I have a real soft spot for unsolvable problems.

Why is Last Thursday-ism an unsolvable problem? Because, by definition, the theory can be neither proved nor disproved. It simply is, and frankly, as scary as it may (or may not sound) it’s as solid a theory regarding the basis of reality as anything else. Seriously, Last Thursday-ism really isn’t that much more semiotically twisted than the concept of the hyper-reality.

But what, exactly, does Last Thursday-ism suggest? Effectively that the world could have been created and destroyed any number of times but is in fact no older than Thursday past. The creative force of the universe, God as shorthand, has been planting everything in reality in order to keep humanity from figuring out the true age of reality. Which includes the fact that the earliest mention of the theorem dates from 1992.

The question then becomes is this really an uncomfortable thought? I suppose that it could be. While it was started as a parody, it does seem like it would, or at least, could, freak a person out if only because it brings into question the entire nature of reality. However, I think that it doesn’t matter. I think that it would only really become an issue if you were to suddenly find yourself on the other side of reality watching this play out over and over again, Matrix style.

But then, I’m weird.

Last Thursday-ism and the Omphalos Hypothesis



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