Montanism was more a school of religious thought or branch of the early Christian church than a true apocalyptic prophesy or belief; however I’m including it along with the rest due to the way that the sect believed that society was in the end times as early as the second century.

The idea that society has reached its end point extends back thousands of years, and in relation to Christian thought, it seems that the idea that we are preparing for the end of days picked up steam almost as soon as Revelations hit paper. Whatever meaning may actually be ascribed to that book never seems to have been relevant for at least some groups-though it should be noted that most ‘mainstream’ Christian thought, whatever that may mean historically, has not thought that we are facing annihilation any time soon.

Montanism was in fact labeled a heretical order very early in the history of the Church. Based on the teachings of a man named Monantus, Monantism ran counter to a great deal of ‘formal’ mainstream Christian teachings of the day. Monantus claimed to be a prophet of God along with two women. The sect stood apart from the rest of the church on a great deal of matters ranging from the formal date of Easter to the way that women would color their hair and the use of cosmetics. However, it was the prophesies-and the popularity of the prophesies as well as frequency and volume-that seems to have marked the sect for rejection by the mainstream Church. It is said that some of the material prophesied was the return of Christ and the beginning of the Apocalypse.



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