The Tower


Let’s take another slightly off kilter approach to the end of the world.

I sometimes dream in tarot archetypes. I’ll have some very bizarre dream that makes no sense and is vaguely unsettling, and someone will point out that I’m back to dreaming my way through the major arcana.

If you are not familiar with tarot, tarot is a type of cartomancy or card based divination. However, there is a school of thought that approaches tarot as a way of accessing what your subconscious is concerned with at the time. This means that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ tarot reading; it just means that the archetypes presented on the cards are not triggering thought processes. It does mean though that you can have very general readings and why a lot of readers will tell you that if you do approach a reading with the mentality that it’s going to tell you your future, it’s actually true that  you’re not going to get it or that the cards are really general.

The cards are really general by default; I feel that a  well-trained reader will tell you that. Each deck is broken done into 78 cards broken into two major types: the major and the minor arcana. The tower is the sixteenth card of the major arcana. The major arcana tells the story of a seeker of wisdom (the fool) who travels through a series of challenges until he reaches enlightenment.

There are several cards in the major arcana that seem to appeal the most to pop culture and to non-readers. The devil, the tower, and death seem to be the cards that are both most appealing and least understood. While the devil is the most similar to its popular connotations, the tower and death are actually about change.

The tower is generally presented as a the tower of a tall building tilted like it’s ready to crumble. There are sometimes figures seen falling from the side of the building. The building is sometimes on fire or undergoing other major destruction.

The tower is the card that people seem to be most afraid of in a spread, behind death (death doesn’t mark death; no card actually marks death the way that non-readers think the tarot does). However, the card simply means that the seeker or the reader is facing major changes that are going to alter the individual’s reality. Put another way, the tower could mark a birth, even-a desired, happy event that’s going to fundamentally change the reader or seeker’s life but not in a bad way. Just a large way. The tower takes on more negative implications when presented upside down in a reading, but it’s still nothing to fear.

In other words, the tower may act as a sign of the ‘end’ to clear out the space necessary for new and potentially positive changes.

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