The Undying

Girl moves into a haunted house. Girl meets ghost. Girl steals a comatose man, lets him die, and ghost moves house.

Much more of a paranormal mystery than a true haunted house or horror film, The Undying takes an interesting approach to the traditional (well, traditional to genre anyway) working of ‘girl falls in love with a dead man’. That’s a plot that turns up more often than you would think in the horror fiction world.

Who is held accountable if you go out of your way to reincarnate a dead man in another man’s body, and that newly alive man then commits crime? And at what point does it become your responsibility, since it was your passions that let all this happen in the first place? That’s the big question in a lot of paranormal mystery stories; you might not be the one that’s actually doing things, but if you’re the one that set it in motion, it might as well be you that’s doing the killing, and not someone who’s been dead for 150 years.

At some point you need to own up to the fact that you can’t just have everything you want, regardless of how romantic it sounds.

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