Sunday Legends-Grey Goo


I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m not the hard scientist in my family. I have geologists, meteorologists, astrophysicists and mathematicians in the family line. I’m definitely the black sheep as the social scientist. I may be botching the science on this one.

I am actually rather freaked out by grey goo theory. I don’t do well with ‘modified bodies’ as a whole; I don’t mean things like cybernetic limbs, I mean things like the human as cyborg theory. The Borg scare the crap out of me. I’m the one in the corner nodding vigorously when the talk turns to the end of the world via technology.

I’m not looking forward to the singularity, is what I’m saying.

Grey goo is the idea that the world is going to be eaten by nanobots in order to make more nanobots. The idea is that eventually we will develop microtechnology that is capable of working on the molecular level and self replicate. They would be used for things like medical repairs from inside the body. However, there is a risk that they would escape whatever limitations were put on them and get out in the free world, as it were. Since they require materials to self replicate and have no limitations, they would just eat. And eat. And eat, replicating the entire time-until literally everything is eaten and turned into a nanobot, leaving nothing but a sea of grey goo.

The world will end with a plop.



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