The Boozy Peep


In which our fearless leader braves the unknown in search of new discoveries.

Okay. So I had this party, the Peeps party, wherein we attempted to come up with as many ways to kill a Peep as we could, as creatively as possible.

These are not children’s Peeps. Do not under any circumstances feed these Peeps to anyone under 21 or who may have to do anything within the next 36 hours.

Experiment 1: The Peeps Shot

-a pipette or a syringe

-vodka or butterscotch schnapps

-Peeps (or other large marshmallow)

-some sort of Peeps containment device, we used the trays that the flavored Peeps come in (the flavored ones come in segmented plastic trays, and not paper strips)

With a syringe full of schnapps, carefully insert into a Peep sitting in the tray. Let it sit a minute or two, and then eat. Don’t let it sit too long though because they start melting from the inside. You don’t actually get that much alcohol into a Peep, but they go down so easy that you may find yourself eating way too many of them.

Experiment 2: Infused Vodka

You can infuse anything (seemingly) into vodka, so why not Easter candy?

I used a basic infusion technique, essentially just drowning candy in cheap vodka and letting it sit a couple of weeks.

You’ll notice there’s no directions here, because frankly, Peeps literally drowning in vodka is disgusting. The marshmallow swells up into some sort of Frankenstein’s monster of a thirty different sugars and clogs the jar. And then it goes odd and rubbery so you’re trying to dig it out but it’s just stretching and stretching until it breaks off in wiggly clumps. Your reward for this work is a thin stream of overly sweet, weirdly green vodka that doesn’t really seem to mix with any well…and a jar full of more mutant marshmallows.

Yeah. Don’t try this one.

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