Sunday Legends-Catherine the Great’s Doppelganger


I am not in fact named after Catherine the Great (that honor actually goes to Katherine Hepburn). However, when I was a kid I really wanted to be.

I don’t care so much now.

Anyway, I’ve always felt a draw towards Catherine-it’s probably that whole ‘one of the most powerful women in history’ thing.

This isn’t a story about the end of the world, but it’s still sort of creepy. We’re heading in my birth week, so I’m going to go with the woman that I used to think I should have been named after.

Near the end of Catherine’s time on the throne, it is said that she was summoned out of her sleep by her servants. They were understandably concerned, being that at the same time that she was asleep in bed, she was also sitting on her throne in the throne room.

The double was still on the throne by the time that she got out of bed and made her way down there. Catherine, probably not liking anyone being on the throne but herself-even if the other person was herself-ordered the double shot on sight.

Whatever happened next seems to have been lost (if the event happened at all, that is) but Catherine did die soon after. There is a belief that seeing oneself that directly is a harbinger of death, so maybe this was the universe’s way of telling Catherine it was time to get off of the throne?

However, there seems to be things that only happen when one is a czarina.



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