The Great Attractor

To begin wrapping up End of the World month, a very short, not entirely scientifically sound look at a force that will eventually bring us to an end-though what that end will look like remains to be seen.

There is a force in the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster that is drawing the entirity of our universe towards itself, with relatively breakneck speed. I say relatively breakneck because this is something that only people living long after our bones turn to dust will deal with.

And the thing is, while it probably will cause mass destruction in our solar system-at the very least, it will probably be the end of life on this planet due to unavoidable environmental changes-we still have no idea what will happen when we get there. We’re still not even sure where ‘there’ is.

No one knows what we’re moving towards. The best working guess is some form of dark matter, but even that is an unknown. Dark matter is still a theoretical model; we’re not all that certain about the nature of dark matter as it stands.  We know where the Attractor is, and we know that it’s definitely some form of matter. But what that matter is-well, someone is going to win a mountain of awards when they figure that out.


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